Repurposed wood box

DIY home idea, Step by Step


Step 1

Send the cargo box surface to smooth and make sure it’s clean.


Step 2

Paint it with wood paint -white or light color , all the paint you can easily get from local painting store or craft store,  if you use napkins to decoupage, please paint the box with light color,because decoupage with napkins only use top image layer so it’s can be effects by base color .


whit ultr cover paintpaint brushStep 3

Select your napkins that you will use, Art brush/ decoupage brush and Mod Podge seal (Mod Podge you can buy any craft store or online, there are various finish such as mat, glassy glow-in-dark etc.  ) base on what’s you design.


modpodge-matart brushdecoupage-brushStep 4

Separate the top layer of napkin (normally napkin is 3 layer ply) the use hand to tear-out the image you will use and put together and re-design brush on with Mod Podge to fit the box or your object. [Read more…]