Welcome to Chiarotino, a paper napkin shop with a wide selection of decoupage paper napkins printed in Europe, from Germany, Holland, Austria, Italy, Finland, and Poland. These beautiful napkins have many uses, including as decoupage napkins, for repurposing furniture and other household articles, along with other paper arts and crafts.  They can also  be used as luncheon, dinner, and beverage napkins for weddings and parties.

Our decoupage paper napkins are high quality 3-ply paper printed with stay-fast colors, which makes them ideal for decoupage paper, as the colors will not smear or bleed.  Napkin decoupage and furniture upcycling are two wonderful DIY activities which these paper napkins are ideal for. Please take a look at my decoupage tutorials  and videos to see some of my own projects with these decoupage napkins, and please let me know what what you think, and any ideas you may have.

For the dinner or lunch table, our designer napkins make an excellent complement, whether your event is a holiday party, a wedding reception, a tea party, or a romantic dinner. Our paper napkins are all food-grade and biodegradable,and environmentally friendly, produced without chlorine bleaching.We have five napkin sizes:

Thank you so much for visiting my shop, and please take a look at all the beautiful napkins!


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